Fon Angwafor Refuses to Receive Yaoundé Delegation That Came to Bribe Him

Fon Angwafor
Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Fon Angwafor III of Mankon, Bamenda who doubles as First National Vice President of the ruling CPDM, refused to receive a delegation from Yaoundé. They were on a mission
to convince (some analysts say bribe) him to call on parents and teachers in his Kingdom to go back to school this Monday January 9.
Reports say the delegation which got to the Mankon Palace at 8pm on Saturday, was told “to go back and solve the people’s problem.” A sources hinted The Cameroon Journal that the Fon of Mankon is as frustrated as late John Ngu Foncha who before his death, resigned from the post of First National Vice President of the CPDM. It is alleged, that like J.N Foncha, Fon Angwafor has tried persistently but in vain to meet President Biya whose direct assistant he is.
The Mankon ruler is, however, not the only traditional ruler who has distanced himself from government manipulation of citizens to abandon on-going protests. A government meeting with the traditional authorities of Wum and principals of schools in the division also ended in a fiasco.
 In an attempt to convince parents that security shall be guaranteed, the divisional officer was reportedly told children cannot be entrusted to security officers who torture and rape students.
Reports from Ndu say the clan’s traditional ruler questioned government officials whether he (traditional ruler) was going to teach in classes if he takes it upon himself to call on parents to send their kids in school.
Nonetheless, government appears to have recorded ‘little victory’ in Noni, one of PM Yang’s fiefs in Bui Division where photos, supposedly of the villages’ town crier in a market square, are
circulating on social media. He is said to have been ordered by the traditional ruler to go out and announce that schools will effectively resume on Monday January 9.

“On Monday we will know whether Yaoundé controls Anglophones or whether we control ourselves.”
Leaders of the teachers’ unions, convincing parents to keep their children home till further notice, described Prof. Ghoghomo who was in the region to convince parents and teachers to resume schools on Monday, said “I want to tell Anglophone Cameroonians that professor Ghogomo was a teacher in in GTHS Bamenda. He went back to school and became a professor. He has desecrated professorship. He will not address issues with justice. He is doing everything to protect his position as a privileged slave in this country..”, said Tassang Wilfred, leader of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU who sits on The Consortium on behalf of teachers’ trade unions.
Felix Agbor Kongho, who represents the Common Law lawyers in The Consortium, maintained that parents should keep their children at home while workers of all walks of life should observe a ghost town.
“On Monday we will know whether Yaoundé controls Anglophones or whether we control ourselves. They are sharing money for people to go back to school. This is a community issue and everyone has an interest in it and that is why everyone is coming on board and providing his support,” Tassang pointed out in the Consortium’s press declaration in Bamenda.
After Monday, we will see what else we will do to bring this government to its knees, if by Monday we don’t see them crawling.
By Mbom Sixtus, January 9, 2017