Crise Anglophone au Cameroun: Le nombre de Camerounais sur la liste d'attente de l'asile à Tijuana, au Mexique, s'agrandit tous les jours. Il est maintenant 10.000 alors qu'ils étaient 4800 il y a trois mois.

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The number of Cameroonians on the asylum wait list in Tijuana, Mexico is growing everyday. It is
now 10.000 up from 4800 three months ago. They now top the list. Vast majority are Cameroun opportunists taking advantage of the war on Ambazonians to come to the US. Someone needs to tell the US Government that one way to fight this illegal immigration is for the US Government to stop protecting the despot, stop funding his military and to withdraw US soldiers training these genocide perpetrators and finally intervene to stop the war in SouthernCameroons
Par Bara Bareta