Urgent: Crise Anglophone au Cameroun: Ayaba Cho Lucas Le Commandant en Chef des Forces Ambazoniens annonce que ces troupes sont entrain de gagner la guerre.

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"We are the authority of the land. Cameroun must understand that we have the right and possibilities
to also shut down schools within Cameroun and we are considering that possibility. We have demonstrated to the world and Cameroun that we are a different generation from the Fonchas. That we can rise up in their prisons and shut it down. Have their colonial governors constantly in a bulletproof vest and on the run; get their enablers acting as senators and parliamentarians to escape; determine when our schools will open and determine when to shut down our country and when to open it. This is a demonstration of power and this is what is needed to be Free. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. Let us continue to arm our Ground Forces and strengthen GZ Contenderhood" Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas