Tapang Ivo Le porte-parole de la Défense Ambazonien gagne son procès devant la justice Américain Contre l'Etat du Cameroun

Tapang Ivo Tanku beats Cameroon in USA court.

September 11, 2019: A USA high court in California has DENIED claims by CamerooUn that Tapang is a terrorist, and should be “broadly limited” from political activism including his rights to advocate for guns and bullets to defend civilians.
Supreme Judge Nathaneal Cousins found that Tapang is a victim of political blackmail by CameroUn, and therefore should be protected by the USA laws. A second attempt by CameroUn bankrupt lawyer Emmanuel Nsahlai was squashed in Court Tuesday, with the Judge wondering if Nsahlai actually knows what he is doing by suing a rights-based international activist and Fulbright scholar in Security studies.

USA Court Ruling
Tapang would be suing Cameroon for $528,028 USD in damages including court fees. He promises to use this money for his early retirement and to assist refugees in Nigeria and Mexico. Part of the money would also be used to buy guns and bullets to defend civilians in Ambazonia.
According to local reports and anonymous sources in Cameroon, Paul Biya paid his relative Nsahlie Emmanuel to go after Tapang in the USA using every other means.
Bankruptcy reports show that lawyer Nsahlie makes less than $3500 USD monthly, almost below a pizza worker’s monthly take home.
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